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The CLI tool is a very simple runner that can be used as a starting point. It will compile a file, and run your story in the terminal. It is recommended to start here to see how you can use topiary in your projects.

To run the CLI:

topi - command line topiary processor
topi <command> <file> [flags]

topi version
topi run <file> [start_bough] [--auto|-a] [--lang language_key] [--verbose]
topi test <file> <count> [--quiet] [--verbose]
topi compile <file> <output_file|--dry|-d> [--loc] [--verbose]
topi loc validate <file> [--verbose]
topi loc export <file> <output_file|--dry|-d> [--verbose]

--verbose: Output debug logs
--auto, -a: Automatically continue to next line
--lang: Localization language key
--loc: Include localization in compiled bytecode
--dry, -d: Compile only without output file
--quiet: Do not output results

While running a topi file you can press enter for the next line, and select a choice with 0-9 then enter