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Topiary C# Bindings

This package provides a wrapper for topiary functions.

Current topiary v0.12.0


  • Add Topiary to your project with nuget or cloning this repo.
  • Compile your .topi file with Dialogue.Compile(string) (always good to serialize the returns byte[] and store for runtime)
  • Create your OnLine and OnChoices Callbacks
    • public delegate void OnLineCallback(Dialogue dialogue, Line dialogue);
    • public delegate void OnChoicesCallback(Dialogue dialogue, Choice[] choices);
  • Create a new Dialogue with var dialogue = new Dialogue(bytes, onLine, onChoices, logSeverity)
  • Run your dialogue until the end, calling dialogue.SelectContinue() after every onLine and dialogue.SelectChoice(int) after every onChoices that's invoked.
    •    try
      // this example assumes onLine calls dialogue.SelectContinue() itself
      while (dialogue.CanContinue) dialogue.Run();
      catch (Exception e)


Check out the Test/UnitTest.cs for a very simple setup, as well as the Topiary.Unity.


Topiary provides a TopiAttribute, simply add [Topi(name)] where "name" matches the extern variable name in your .topi file.

Any function with 0-4 TopiValue parameters and return type void or TopiValue is valid.

// .topi: extern const strPrint = |str| {}
// will be overriden with the C# function
private static void StrPrint(TopiValue value)
var str = value.String;
Console.WriteLine($"StrPrint:: {str}");

// .topi: extern const sqr = |x| print("sqr: {x}")
// will be overriden with the C# function
private static TopiValue Sqr(TopiValue value)
var i = value.Int;
return new TopiValue(i * i);

Then you can bind all the functions with the attribute in the assembly with dialogue.BindFunctions(Assemblies[])


Currently only the following value types are valid in the C# bindings (*Experimental, readonly, and requires deallocating memory):

  • Null
  • Bool
  • Float
  • String
  • List*
  • Map*
  • Set*